About us

First and foremost, We Make Games is a blockchain game studio, driven by a group of young creatives with past careers in major IT and game development companies. After working on games enjoyed by millions of players across the world, we've decided to do our own thing: develop a Play & Earn game that will take advantage of latest blockchain technology.

In partnership with the Callisto network, we're working on our flagship game, Gems & Goblins, determined to craft a masterpiece that combines the best-performing game mechanics into a single concept. Enabling players to earn, exchange and spend cryptocurrency opens up a whole new world of potential, empowering players to earn, trade and sell tokens as they see fit.

Gems & Goblins

Gems & Goblins is a Play & Earn game that takes players on a journey of mysterious exploration, heroic battles and awesome rewards. Players join others in epic PvP fights, rise through the ranks and earn GNG tokens to make in-game purchases or trade with other players on the Gemwelry marketplace.

Combining an in-game marketplace with proven game mechanics, AAA visuals, and experience from years of game development, it's set out to become the next big thing in the ever growing Play & Earn market, taking full advantage of gaming and trading - even outside of the game universe itself.


Meet the talented people who have dedicated their experience from various creative and production-level positions in leading game development studios to make their very own Play & Earn game.

Miso Duzek

Co-founder & CEO

Kubo Vrtik

Co-founder & CTO

Jozo Malacky

Co-founder & Art Director

Miso Chamula

Software Developer

Samo Puchovsky

2D/3D Artist

Bruno Duzek

2D/3D Artist

Maros Kucera

Backend Developer

Ondro Hrusovsky

Unreal Engine Advisor

Alex Mravcak

Technical Advisor

Jan Kadanec

SFX Artist

Matyas Csernak

Music Composer


We are recruiting!


Want to join us? We're always on a lookout for passionate talent to help us bring fresh ideas into the mix. If you think we could click, don't be shy! Reach out to us using the form below and we'll be in touch to talk how we could join forces to deliver the best, most polished player experience ever.

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