About us

We Make Games is a team of young creative professionals and enthusiasts with past careers in multiple major IT and game development companies in Slovakia, with experience from various creative and production-level positions.

Members of our team created games that have been enjoyed by millions of players and made tens of millions of dollars. Now we have decided to do it our own way, work with the best people, create spectacular graphics and build amazing new worlds.

Castle Heroes

Castle Heroes is an original mix of strategy, builder and collectible game, allowing competition among players. Build a mighty stronghold from which you will embark on daring expeditions, explore a diverse and colourful world and uncover an engaging story. During their travels the players will encounter a wide variety of both heroes and monsters to either bolster the ranks of their mighty legion or to stand against them in dynamic real-time skirmishes. Hardened by countless brawls, players and their champions will hone their abilities to later use their strength and wits in battles against other players. Choose your own adventure and build a unique party of warriors to take on the challenges of the world of Castle Heroes!

The team

Meet the talented people behind the company

Miso Duzek


Jakub Vrtik


Jozo Malacky

Chief of design

Samo Gluch

Game designer

Miso Chamula

Software engineer

Samo Puchovsky

2D/3D Artist

Ondro Hrusovsky

Technical advisor

Alex Hajdu

Technical advisor

Pavol Eichler

Back-end developer

Alex Mravcak

Back-end developer

Maros Kucera

Back-end developer

David Miller

VFX artist

Matyas Csernak

SFX artist

Jan Kadanec

Music composer

Robo Bruckmayer

Sound composer

Martin Palsovic

Marketing advisor


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Binarium, Staré Grunty 18, Bratislava, Slovakia